A general spiritual principle states that certain things we want to occur in our lives only actually manifest when we are ready for them to happen. This holds true for finding one’s soul mate as well. If a person is not ready for a life long loving relationship, the likelihood of meeting someone who is also ready for such a relationship is quite low. Learning Torah, especially the inner dimensions of the Jewish mystic tradition, exposes us to the reality that there is such a phenomenon as soul mates.

We certainly are not ready to meet our soul mates if we are unaware that such a possibility truly exists. We may be ready to meet someone to have fun with, or someone with whom to fulfill our own desires, but that is a long way from finding our missing half, one who is destined for us from before we were even born and holds the key to the rectification of our soul.

Kabbalah deals extensively with the nature of the soul, its purpose in the world and its unique powers. Even more, it gives us practical means to harness that power for our own self betterment. At the root of the teachings of Kabbalah is the teaching of how the world contains both male and female energies and how each person can only achieve their purpose and rectification through the unity of male and female.

Soul mates compliment each other in the deepest of ways, uniting two souls as they were united even before they came down to this world. Through learning Kabbalah we open ourselves up to the possibility of meeting someone who is in truth our soul mate and we become sensitive to being able to identify who that special someone is.