And now there is nothing left to do – but dance.
For the forgiveness of Rosh Hashana
(if there is still any doubt)
For the atonement of Yom Kippur
till it permeates every fiber of being.
To recreate God’s protective Succah
hovering just above us.

See the letters dance!
On Torah scrolls of flickering flame;
black fire on white fire
in titillating circles of rhyme,
returning upward to their source,
so far Above.

With creation born anew.
As the scroll reaches
its end
is enwedged
in its beginning
once again.

All the gates of Heaven are open –
especially the gate of joy.
Pure joy of being.
Pure hearts longing
to be one
with the One,
the only One.

Stay one more day He whispers –
I can’t bear to see you go.
Jerusalem of the mind
winds its way home,
as rain clouds of blessing
begin to form in the northern sky.

Now there is nothing left to do – but dance.

Let the year begin!