Secrets of the Seder of Pesach

Secrets of the Seder of Pesach

53 minutes 21 seconds

A unique perspective on the 15 steps of the Haggadah of Pesach, and how it encompasses the entire history of mankind.

Pesach and Renewal 1

Renewal and Pesach 1

1 hour 7 minutes 16 seconds

Pesach and Renewal 2

Renewal and Pesach 2

56 minutes 46 seconds

The meaning of Pesach is intrinsically connected to the spring and the rebirth of nature. Renewal, whether personal or national plays a key role in the life and worldview of a Jew.

5 Levels of Pesach

5 Levels of Understanding Pesach

48 minutes 6 seconds

Pesach (as well as all the holidays) can be understood on many levels simultaneously: historically, agriculturally/seasonally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.