Living In Divine Space 1

Living in Divine Space – 1

64 minutes 39 seconds

An overview of the history and art of Jewish meditation and the connection it has to the month of Elul. Through Jewish meditation we learn to create a spiritual force field around ourselves and a safe haven in which to draw closer to God and our most inner being.

Living In Divine Space 2

 Living in Divine Space – 2

61 minutes 59 seconds

Learning to construct one’s own Divine Space through the understanding and fulfilling of six continual mitzvot. These mitzvot create the basic orientation and world view of every Jew.

Living In Divine Space 3

Living in Divine Space – 3

59 minutes 26 seconds

Understanding in-depth the concept of physical and spiritual space and its connection to building one’s own Divine Space for meditation and inner soul work.

Living In Divine Space 4

Living in Divine Space – 4

59 minutes 3 seconds

By connecting all we have learned about Living in Divine Space we come to a profound understanding of shaking the Lulav on Sukkot.