This recipe has a story.

It happened when R’ Avrahm Arieh was in miluim – army reserve duty. He was in an anti-aircraft unit that had a window of six seconds in which to identify enemy planes before shooting them down. The men in his army unit were all “Shlav Betnikim“, older immigrants –  family guys from 45 different countries. They operated a canon captured in Lebanon whose  instructions were written in Russian!  

During those early days no one had private phones on the moshav, let alone cell phones. We had one radio phone that half the time didn’t work! So when one Friday while he was in  the army, somebody ran up to our house from the office and said that Avraham Arieh was on the phone, I packed up the kids and ran to the office.

He kept saying “You know where I am, don’t you?” Of course because of security he couldn’t tell me outright where he was, but I didn’t get it, I said “Yeah you’re on a base north of Haifa, why do you keep repeating that?”  Then one or another kid pulled on my skirt wanting to talk to abba. He didn’t want to tell me he was being sent to Lebanon, he knew I was a worry wart. 

I was home alone with the three little kids. We were invited to Malka Cohen’s house for Shabbat in Shikun Chabad in Lod where our kids went to school. She had a huge family of her own, but graciously made space for us with the rest of the crowd.
I helped her check the brown rice which in those days was very buggy. It took us hours to check!
She said this was the fastest easiest recipe she knew to make up for the time spent on the rice:
Take a nice thick piece of Nile Perch, wash and dry it and spread a lot of sliced onions over the fish.
Top with a sauce made of equal parts ketchup and mayonnaise. You just can’t get easier than that!
Now if you want to make it fancy add some garlic powder and paprika to the sauce, or if you want to make it really fancy add some chopped pickles. Enjoy!
It’s a perfect recipe for the Nine Days.