Thanksgivukah Feast

With Chanukah and Thanksgiving intersecting this year, there’s so much to be grateful for, we can actually sing our praises with Hallel while we eat nostalgic “old country food”.  

I thought turkeyI’d share my favorite recipes and scramble them up for a Thanksgivukah Feast.

I have proud American born parents, who always celebrated Thanksgiving with Turkey and all the Trimmings. We would gather at my Aunt Adele’s house which was the biggest in our extended family, while the Fourth of July was at our house because we had the biggest backyard for a barbeque.

My mother shared culinary secrets for her successful cooking like; always rub in the garlic powder salt pepper and paprika into the turkey skin with a half of a lemon and then shove the lemon into the cavity for roasting, or the toasted bread stuffing with diced peppers, celery and tart apple should have a “bite” to it with lots of black pepper to balance the sweet fruitiness. 

My mother-in-law taught me a refreshing sorbet made from fresh cranberries cooked till popping in boiling sugar syrup then blended with Cleveland’s famous Vernors ginger ale.

But this year I have to make something different for the sweet potato side dish.

Oven Fried Sweet Potato Latkes!

Being Oven fried they’re almost healthy! This resourceful recipe will use up all your leftover challah. I freeze mine and stash it till the freezer door won’t close anymore then I take out:

2 Cups frozen leftover bread soaked in hot water till soft then squeezed dry


Add: 2 Cups grated sweet potatoes with a pinch of cinnamon

(Variations abound: Add 2 Cups of any other veggies you like; potato for classic latkes, zucchini and grated cheese; for a dairy option, spinach & leeks, etc, your imagination and what you’ve got on hand being the only limit.)

 Add: 2 grated onions, salt and pepper to taste

Add 2 beaten eggs and form into latkes shapes . Spread olive oil on a cooky sheet with a rim and plop on the latkes Bake in a hot oven (375) till crispy about 15 minutes.

Enjoy with cranberry flavored  applesauce,  just sprinkle on the craisins or sour cream for the dairy fans then “gobble” them up!