Rabbi Ari Enkin is the Author of the comprehensive 7 volume series Dalet Amot of Halacha. 

Here he gives an excellent review of Rabbi Trugman’s Prophecy & Divine Inspiration

In what may very well be his best work yet (but they’re all good! really!), the ever prolific Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman presents “Prophecy & Divine Inspiration.” This work is essentially an encyclopedia on everything to do with prophecy, making it a valuable reference book in addition to its content as a “commentary on the prophets.”

On the encyclopedic side, (which interests me most), the book thoroughly discusses many of the mysterious and lesser-known topics in the world of prophecy such as: ruach hakodeshbat kol, prophecy throughout Tanach, prophecy and music, the realities of being a prophet, false prophets, the end of prophecy, divine inspiration and contemporary sages said to have such powers, how to achieve prophecy today, and much more. Rabbi Trugman enlightens us on what these concepts are all about, pushing aside the common misconceptions surrounding them.

…the book is a great read, full of important information, and as mentioned, makes a wonderful reference guide on the topics. Heavy on kabbala with Trugman’s trademark dash of Carlebach, Prophecy & Divine Inspiration is a valuable and worthwhile contribution to Jewish scholarship in this area –possibly the best work of its kind to date– and has earned its place on the Jewish bookshelf.


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