A gate has been given to every soul

That it could come to know its name,

And a lifetime of living and dying

To uplift the eternal flame.


A city is standing on its foundations

And water is running beneath,

A prayer is hovering around her hills

By the gates we shall someday meet.


A tree is waiting in a garden

With red flames circling around,

The essence of the world are the fruits

Though the trunk has never been found.


A hundred blessings have been given to the world

For each tiny seed we plant,

But only ten have I been blessed to see

And truly blessed at that.


A hundred dreams have been given to the world

But only ten have I been merited to dream,

Going up and down the ladder

That stands in a place where all paths lead.


Ten songs have been given to enlighten the world

Though only nine have already been sung,

And when the last one is finally revealed

Only then will we have begun.


And for all this I will sing a song,

Dream a dream, plant a seed,

Standing by the gates of the city

Praying to taste the fruits of the tree.