Ohr Chadash is a non-profit educational organization serving English-speaking students enrolled at various universities and other short- and long-term programs in Israel, as well as immigrants and native Israelis. We provide a wide range of programming in an open, joyous, non-coercive and spiritual atmosphere, where participants are able to explore Judaism at their own pace. Programs include classes, lunch and learn, concerts, Shabbatons, home hospitality, leadership training, seminars, tours, counseling, and social action projects. We combine heart and mind and cater to each participant’s special needs. Ohr Chadash provides a home away from home for students and maintain strong relationships for years to come.

We have organized and participated in programs for tens of thousands of Jews from all backgrounds. With the inspiration and skills these students learn they return to their home communities eager to take leadership roles. Many students return to Israel and the bonds become even stronger.

In 2001 Ohr Chadash began offering its unique programs to those living in the US, Canada and other communities around the globe. Since then, Ohr Chadash has run and participated in events and programs in 40 cities world-wide for tens of thousands of participants.

    One of the strongest components of Ohr Chadash is its website and other social/education networks where literally hundreds of thousands of people have taken advantage of our on-line learning through articles, videos and audio classes. In addition the website hosts a unique word and gematria search, stories, poetry, music and more. Our on-line store makes purchasing our books and music quick and efficient. A weekly newsletter is sent to thousands of people creating dialogue with people everywhere on the planet.