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Tenth of Tevet: The Seeds of Messiah Planted in the UN Jerusalem Vote

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz December 28, 2017 , 3:57 pm “Thus said God of Hosts: The fast of the fourth month, the fast of the fifth month, the fast of the seventh month, and the fast of the tenth month shall become occasions for joy and gladness, happy festivals for the House of Yehuda; but you must […]

Are ‘Mitochondrial Eve’ and ‘Y-Chromosomal Adam’ Science’s Confirmation of Creation? By Yehezkel Laing

By Yehezkel Laing November 10, 2017 , 7:30 am “The man named his wife Chava, because she was the mother of all the living.” Genesis 3:20 (The Israel Bible™) Following the recent trend of congruence between science and Bible in different fields, fresh genetic research suggests that all females are descended from a single female and all males […]

Year of Earthquakes’ Caused By Man’s Immorality, But Will End After Messiah:

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz November 22, 2017 , 12:30 pm “Therefore we are not afraid though the earth reels, though mountains topple into the sea.” Psalms 46:3 (The Israel Bible™) image: (Shutterstock) A swarm of 134 tremors in California and a recent geological study that confirmed a year of increased seismic activity have led to speculations that the earthquakes […]

As Prophesied, Massive Bird Die-Off Presages Volcanic Eruption in Bali

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz September 27, 2017  “The fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the beasts of the field, all creeping things that move on the ground, and every human being on earth shall quake before Me. Mountains shall be overthrown, cliffs shall topple, and every wall shall crumble to the ground.” Ezekiel 38:20 (The […]

One Man Studied Disasters and Eclipses in History. What He Discovered Will Surprise You

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz August 21, 2017 , 12:30 pm “The heavens declare the glory of Hashem, the sky proclaims His handiwork.” Psalms 19:1 (The Israel Bible™) image: Illustrative: a total solar eclipse. (Shutterstock) A new approach to understanding Monday’s rare solar eclipse takes a historical look at the event, rejecting the usual “gloom-and-doom” atmosphere surrounding the […]

‘Spiritual Butterfly Effect’: Temple Mount Riots Leading to Modern-Day Vesuvius Disaster?

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz July 24, 2017 , 12:30 pm “Tremble, O earth, at the presence of Hashem, at the presence of the God of Yaakov.” Psalms 114:7 (The Israel Bible™)   Tungurahua Volcano explosion. (Shutterstock) The recent confluence of a global rash of epic natural disasters and rapidly rising tensions surrounding the Temple Mount echoes events from […]

Transhumanism: A Culture of Self-Worship, Defying God and Nature By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz July 5, 2017

“Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker, as a potsherd with the potsherds of the earth! Shall the clay say to him that fashioned it: ‘What makest thou?’ Or: ‘Thy work, it hath no hands’?” Isaiah 45:9 (The Israel Bible™) image: Photo: Shutterstock Transhumanism, an intellectual and cultural movement supporting the use of science […]

Excerpts of the article: Does Massive Failure of Winter Wheat Crop Signal Amos’s End-of-Days Famine?

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz June 14, 2017 , 12:30 pm image: A failed wheat crop. (Shutterstock) Wheat harvests around the world are falling dangerously short, raising the possibility that Israel will be poised to be a guiding light in this developing crisis, helping the world grow crops while bringing them closer to redemption. Massive shortages in […]

Scientists Discover How Joshua ‘Stopped the Sun’

Scientists Discover How Joshua ‘Stopped the Sun’ By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz January 19, 2017 , 12:30 pm “Thou art the God that doest wonders; Thou hast made known Thy strength among the peoples.” Psalms 77:14 (The Israel Bible™)   An eclipse of the sun. (Shutterstock) Three researchers from Ben Gurion University believe they have discovered […]

Biblical Return of 70 Nations as Countries Gather in Paris to Condemn Israel

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz January 5, 2017 , 11:30 am “They have said: ‘Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Yisrael may be no more in remembrance.’ For they have consulted together with one consent; against Thee do they make a covenant.” Psalms 83:5-6 (The Israel Bible™) […]

Davening by the Kevarim

THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BY AN OHR CHADASH STUDENT WHO DESCRIBES HIS VISIT TO THE GRAVE OF YESHOSHUA BIN NUN A friend of mine, who has been trying to go with me to kever Yosef for several months now, forwarded me a text that there would be an upcoming night with accessibility to the kevarim […]

First Thanksgiving Feast Set Stage for Ezekiel Prophecy

First Thanksgiving Feast Set Stage for Ezekiel Prophecy By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz November 24, 2016 , 11:30 am “A Psalm of thanksgiving. Shout unto Hashem, all the earth.” Psalms 100:1 (The Israel Bible™) image: The First Thanksgiving 1621, oil on canvas by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1899). The painting shows common misconceptions about the […]

A Tribute to Reb Shlomo Carlebach

Ten Years Later: A Tribute to Reb Shlomo Carlebach   Although Reb Shlomo Carlebach, who passed away in 1994 is no longer with us, his legacy seems to have taken on proportions beyond all expectations. Carlebach minyanim are now found everywhere,  Shabbat services from Reform to Orthodox have incorporated his melodies, concerts everywhere advertise themselves […]

Has the Location of the Garden of Eden Been Found?

Has the Location of the Garden of Eden Been Found? [VIDEO] By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz September 21, 2016 , 12:30 pm   “For Hashem hath comforted Tzion; He hath comforted all her waste places, and hath made her wilderness like Eden, and her desert like the garden of Hashem; joy and gladness shall be found […]

Biblical Numerology Reveals Deep Torah Insights

By Tsivya Fox August 24, 2016 , 9:30 am “He counteth the number of the stars; He giveth them all their names.” Psalms 147:4 (The Israel Bible™) (Shutterstock) Gematria, one of the most widely-used Biblical study tools in Judaism, is the exploration of the deeper meaning of Hebrew words based on an ancient system of […]

Sinkholes Are Opening Up Worldwide. Is Korach Returning and Bringing Days of Messiah?

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz Originally on “And the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up, and their households, and all the men that appertained unto Korach, and all their goods.” Numbers 16:32 (The Israel Bible™) On Tuesday morning, a sinkhole opened up suddenly in Albany, New York, swallowing an SUV. On the same […]

Game of Thrones Finale Has Surprisingly Biblical Themes

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz Originally on   “And it shall be, when he sitteth upon the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write him a copy of this law in a book, out of that which is before the Kohanim the Leviim.”Deuteronomy 17:18 (The Israel Bible™) In the finale of season six, the […]

Jewish Prophecy: In Coming Messianic Era, Israel’s Borders Will Encompass the World

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz Originally on   “And in the days of those kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed; nor shall the kingdom be left to another people; it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, but it shall stand for ever.” Daniel […]

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The Mystery of Cycles

Everywhere we look we see cycles in our lives; cycles of time, the subtle changes of the colors of the sky as the sun makes its daily orbit across the heavens, the moon as it waxes and wanes, seasons changing, the ebb and flow of the tides, life cycle events, the daily emotional roller coaster […]

Lifecycles: Wedding

Every point of time contains, in potential, all of time; every point of space contains, in potential, all of space. This somewhat abstract statement is born out, not only by our own experiences and certain scientific concepts, but by various verses and traditions in Torah. A few examples in regards to space: Have you ever […]

Lifecycles: Mikvah – The Art of Transition

Two complimentary reasons emerge when contemplating the various times we are instructed to go to the mikvah, the Jewish ritual bath. The Torah prescribes going to the mikvah in order to become ritually pure after a temporary state of ritual impurity, or when a person or object changes status, such as when a non-Jew converts […]

Cycles of Seven

The statement by the Sages (Vayikra Rabbah 29:10) that “all sevens are precious” is derived from their understanding that seven is the primary cycle of time as revealed by God in the Torah. “And the heavens and earth were completed and all their array. By the seventh day God completed His work that He had […]

Mysticism and Kabbalah

The Conjunction of Time and Place Create a Holy Moment

My wife and I once were in the holy city of Safed on the yartzeit (anniversary) of the great Kabbalist of Safed, Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, known as the RAMAK. He is the author of one of the most important Kabbalisitc texts – Pardes HaRimonim (The Pomegranate Orchard). This book was the very first attempt to take the entire Kabbalisitc tradition and […]

The Torah as a Process of Birth

The Torah, being a reflection of the infinite will and wisdom of God, likewise contains an infinite number of interpretations. There are many references in our tradition to different systems, levels and “faces” of interpretation, each one valid within its own frame of reference. One can thus perceive a certain theme and see it wind […]

The Secret of the Small Aleph

Rosh Chodesh Nisan, the new moon of Nisan, is called in the Midrash, “the day of the ten crowns,” for it was on this day that Moses raised the Tabernacle in the desert, and the service of the Cohanim, the priests, on behalf of all Israel was begun. It was this service which was continued […]

The Ladder of Prayer

It is written in the Zohar that the ladder in Jacob’s dream is a metaphor for prayer (Tikunei Zohar #43). This is not hard to understand, based on both the context of the dream and the symbols themselves. As noted above, Jacob prayed when “coming upon the place.” His prayer, recited at the beginning of […]

Symbolism and Torah

It is written in the Zohar (2:16): “God looked into the Torah and created the world.” The Torah is the blueprint from which all physical and spiritual worlds are constructed. It follows from what we stated above regarding the role of symbolism in language and all aspects of reality, that if the Torah is the […]

Book Preview: The Mystical Meaning of Dreams

From the Introduction They inspire us and frighten us, amuse us and bewilder us. They make a lasting impression, yet we are libel to forget them in a split second. They are at times mysterious and enigmatic, colorful and fantastic, yet at other times ridiculous, bothersome and illogical. They have changed the course of history, […]

Dreams, Reality and Torah

There is a profound inter-connectedness of dreams, reality and Torah. In the perception of time, in the manifestation of prophesy and in the cardinal role and purpose of symbolism, dreams, reality and Torah merge and converge continually. Especially in the realm of the soul and consciousness the lines are so often blurred as to be […]

Book Preview: Secrets of the Magen David

From the Introduction to Part One There is no doubt that the Magen David is the symbol most immediately associated today with Jews everywhere in the world and with the Jewish state, the State of Israel, in particular. Also known as the Star – or more literally, the Shield – of David, the Magen David […]

Art, Music and Science

Music and Prophesy

Although there are many ways that Divine spirit and prophesy are expressed and manifest themselves, it is significant that music is considered one of those channels. We see this clearly in another story involving Saul, who was also anointed by Samuel. At first, Saul was quite taken back by being chosen the first king of […]

Music in the Temple

Although David did not actually build the Temple, it was he who first thought of building a House for God. In response to David telling the prophet Gad of his desire to build such a place to house the ark of God, God reveals to Gad that although David will not merit to build it, […]

Torah and Science

Truth exists on many levels, and the truth of Torah stands independent of scientific scrutiny. If this is so, then why try to bridge Torah and science? The answer to this is engrained in the wisdom of Torah, its world view and practical action. Judaism by nature seeks the revelation of unity in the world, […]

Scientific Fact and the Sefirot

The idea of Torah as the blueprint of creation, the sefirot as a Divine model manifesting itself throughout the physical and spiritual worlds and the Hebrew letters as the building blocks of all existence are mirrored in various explanations of the laws of nature. Just as a scientist would describe atoms, molecules and elements as […]

Unity in the Forces of the Universe

The concept that all the forces of the universe must somehow be united is not a new idea. It is the central tenant of faith of Judaism for millennium, as stated in the Torah: “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.” The belief in the unity and oneness of God includes […]

Music on Every Level of Existence

Just as prayer is something we are, not what we do, so too music is not something we enjoy or play, but who we are on so many levels. Similar to the idea of the Hebrew letters being the building blocks of creation, music manifests itself at all levels of reality and we need to […]

Ten Archetypal Songs

According to tradition there are ten archetypal songs sung throughout history. These songs stand out among all the other countless songs in Jewish tradition in that each one was written in a state of Divine inspiration or prophesy and came at a climatic moment of transition, transformation or revelation for an individual or all the […]

The Paradox of Light

Having completed our initial survey of Jewish sources regarding the nature of light, and in particular its mystical and paradoxical nature, we turn to the world of science in order to ascertain whether the observations we have made correspond to what science reveals regarding light. To our amazement modern science in a profound manner confirms […]

History and Israel

Observance and Outlook

Comparing the Educational Strategies of the Ba’al Shem Tov and Reb Shlomo Carlebach (An excerpt from the book “What Do We Know” an anthology compiled by Rabbi Joseph Schonwald)

  In this brief article I will compare the essential teachings and educational philosophy of the Ba’al Shem Tov (1698–1760) to those of Reb Shlomo Carlebach (1925–1994). Although they were born 227 years apart, the spirit of their respective generations, their life missions, and the specific strategies they used to impart their messages reveal uncanny […]

Kashrut and Health: The Signs of a Kosher Animal

Signs of a Kosher Animal As with all the teachings of the Torah the signs of a kosher animal can be understood on many different levels. The ten kosher animals listed in the Torah all have both split hooves and chew their cud. What all these animals have in common is that they all graze […]

Kashrut and Health: Eating Dairy Foods on Shavuot

Many answers are given to this question – from the practical to the mystical. During the fifty day period from the departure from Egypt to the day the Jewish people received the Torah at Sinai certain laws were already being given. Among these were the laws of kashrut. Since this was such a new and […]

Kashrut and Health: The Prohibition of Eating Blood

Along with the laws governing which animals can and cannot be eaten and how they have to be ritually slaughtered, the Torah commands us to not eat the blood of animals. In fact, the Torah repeats this many times in order to emphasize the importance of not ingesting blood. The reason given is that the […]

Joy: Depression

There is a big difference between an initial or short term emotional reaction and long term depression.

Joy: Our Lot in Life

There is no doubt that achieving happiness despite difficult circumstances in life is an enormous challenge

Joy: Religion and Joy

The answer to whether being religious makes it easier to be happy is typically Jewish – yes, no and maybe. It would be easy to say that becoming religious and adopting a Torah life style will bring a guarantee of happiness and the truth is that it really should accomplish this for a number of […]

Joy: Joy and Adversity

King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes: “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven…a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance…” The Zohar, the classic work of Kabbalah, describes the inner psyche of man as “crying being on one side […]

Joy: Who is Rich?

It is obvious to anyone who has seen a bit of the world and known people from all strata of society that money is no guarantee of happiness. It may even be true that the more money the more problems and in many cases the more unhappiness. In fact, this sentiment was expressed clearly in […]

Relationships: Soul Mates

A general spiritual principle states that certain things we want to occur in our lives only actually manifest when we are ready for them to happen. This holds true for finding one’s soul mate as well. If a person is not ready for a life long loving relationship, the likelihood of meeting someone who is […]

Relationships: Free Love and Commitment

We live in a world of the fast lane, of immediate gratification and the communications revolution. We are bombarded 24/7 with media, stimulus and breaking news. We can be bi-sexual, gay, transsexual, all the above or just live with someone, go bar hopping or have an illicit affair now and again. So with all of […]

Relationships: Love at First Sight

Kabbalah most definitely recognizes the reality of love at first sight. When soul mates meet there is sometimes, though not always, an immediate recognition that this is the one I am destined for. In fact, the Torah describes some of the most famous examples of this phenomenon. Adam, when first seeing Eve after she was […]

What Do We Know?

According to Jewish tradition when saying the Shema, (Hear Oh Israel, God is our God, God is One) the cardinal statement of Jewish faith, we not only close our eyes, we also put our hand over them. Among the countless explanations for this custom is the understanding that, as the Talmud states, this world is […]

The Secret of Mitzvot

The usual translation for the word mitzvah is commandment. While this is certainly correct, it is explained in the Talmud that the root of the word mitzvah means “connection.” A mitzvah, like the ladder in Jacob’s dream, has the power to connect earth to heaven. A mitzvah is a conduit connecting God and man, and […]

Original Stories

The Story That Has Never Been Told

No one would ever know exactly when he first would come into town and no one knew just when he left. Sometimes he would drift in as if riding the evening breeze, shadows falling, leaves rustling, children skipping across the street. He would walk the streets watching everybody hurrying home, but he had no where […]

The Gardner

Once, a very long time ago, longer it seems than anyone can remember, there was a garden and a gardener who took care of it with great love. Everyone agreed that it was the most beautiful of gardens and people came from near and far to enjoy the magnificence within. Then one day without warning […]

Two Shofars – One Heart

When Moshe woke up on Rosh HaShanah morning he didn’t realize that he had slept so late. For a few minutes he laid in bed thinking about the night before. Who could forget the shining faces and the candles glowing, the table set with all his holiday favorites and the special songs. Moshe began to […]

The Secret

Once there was a boy who longed to have a secret, but the problem was that he didn’t have one, and everyone else it seemed did. Every once in a while he would see his parents speaking in very hushed tones, so he knew they had secrets. On his way to and from school he […]

The Sapling

Once there was a man and woman who were very much in love. After they had been married many years, the blessing of bringing children into the world still had not been given to them. Though their prayers reached to the gates of heaven itself, for reasons know only to God, their greatest hope was […]

Poetry Corner

Jewish Meditation

Introduction to Jewish Meditation

Meditation has ancient roots in Jewish tradition and was practiced by the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, prophets and judges, sages and mystics throughout the ages, from Abraham down to our own day (See Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan’s book: Meditation and the Bible). There are numerous forms of Jewish meditation, some similar to other types practiced in the […]

Hashem Echad Animation

Concieved and built by David KomerExplanation by Rabbi Trugman Albert Einstein revealed that the four basic forces in the physical universe – electromagnetism, gravity, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force – are all unified in essence. He spent the rest of his life trying to establish the proper formula that would reflect […]

Living in Divine Space

The six times the word “place” appears in the episode of Jacob’s dream of a ladder reaching heaven with angels ascending and descending corresponds to the six directions of a cube, the archetypal form of all space. Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh in his book, Living in Divine Space, explains how the six directions of a cube […]

Meditation and One’s Inner Song

Another important way to learn to hear one’s inner song and the music inherent in the soul is through meditation. By quieting the mind and obstructing outer distractions and inner static we begin to hear music on multi levels: in our biological rhythm of the beating of the heart and the pulsating blood through our […]

Meditation and Nature

“And Isaac went out to converse in the fields towards evening time…” (Genesis 24:63). This verse serves as one of the many references to meditation in Jewish tradition. From the patriarchs to the prophets, from the kings to the sages, from the Kabbalists to Chassidic Rebbes, meditation has played an important part in the spiritual […]

Light, Intellect, and Meditation

Throughout Jewish thought light is associated with human intellect, soul, and consciousness of the Divine. The ability to think abstractly, philosophically, and in a complex manner differentiates man from other life forms. The last two centuries especially have seen an explosion of human achievement in the fields of science, technology, communications, medicine, transport, and the […]

Ten Meditations for the Shema

Hear O Israel, God our God, God is One שְׁמָע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְ-הֹוָה אֶ-לֹהֵינוּ יְ-הֹוָה אֶחָד The basis of all Jewish thought rests on the foundation of the belief in the absolute Oneness and unity of God. This all-encompassing unity is reflected in the Shema, as well as in many other verses from the Torah. For […]

Chanukah Meditations

Infinite Light and Finite Light A basic question is asked about the menorah, the seven branched candelabrum in the Tabernacle in the desert and later in the Temple in Jerusalem, as well as the eight lights of Chanukah: does the light symbolize the finite or infinite? The answer is both. Above all else, the Tabernacle […]

Meditation and Music

One of the most powerful yet easiest forms of meditation is to combine it with music. Most people have actually experienced this informally when feeling “at one with the music,” or when a particular song captures or expresses one’s emotional or mental state so perfectly that one experiences a rush of spiritual light, inspiration and […]

Prayer and Meditation  

   The sages refer to prayer as, “the service of the heart” (Ta’anit 2a; based on Deuteronomy 11:13). Thus we see that both meditation and prayer are essentially connected to the heart, and therefore, to each other. Yet, just like we saw how meditation is really the unity of mind and heart, similarly, prayer has […]

The Meditation Cave of the Ba’al Shem Tov

Years of searching for the cave where Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer Ba’al Shem Tov prayed and learned finally meet with success. The Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer, known as the Ba’al Shem Tov or Besht, was an 18th century spiritual leader and the founder of the Hasidic movement, which places greater emphasis on mystical thought and […]

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