Art, Music and Science

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Judaism teaches there is a unity in the world, and that God and all things in His world are interconnected. And while secular knowledge and the wisdom of the Torah seems like two different entities, in truth they are many times describing the same ideas and phenomenon, albeit with different language, context and sets of symbols.

Music and Prophesy

Although there are many ways that Divine spirit and prophesy are expressed and manifest themselves, it is significant that music is considered one of those channels. We see this clearly in another story involving Saul, who was also anointed by Samuel. At first, Saul was quite taken back by being chosen the first king of […]

Music in the Temple

Although David did not actually build the Temple, it was he who first thought of building a House for God. In response to David telling the prophet Gad of his desire to build such a place to house the ark of God, God reveals to Gad that although David will not merit to build it, […]

Torah and Science

Truth exists on many levels, and the truth of Torah stands independent of scientific scrutiny. If this is so, then why try to bridge Torah and science? The answer to this is engrained in the wisdom of Torah, its world view and practical action. Judaism by nature seeks the revelation of unity in the world, […]

Scientific Fact and the Sefirot

The idea of Torah as the blueprint of creation, the sefirot as a Divine model manifesting itself throughout the physical and spiritual worlds and the Hebrew letters as the building blocks of all existence are mirrored in various explanations of the laws of nature. Just as a scientist would describe atoms, molecules and elements as […]

Unity in the Forces of the Universe

The concept that all the forces of the universe must somehow be united is not a new idea. It is the central tenant of faith of Judaism for millennium, as stated in the Torah: “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.” The belief in the unity and oneness of God includes […]

Music on Every Level of Existence

Just as prayer is something we are, not what we do, so too music is not something we enjoy or play, but who we are on so many levels. Similar to the idea of the Hebrew letters being the building blocks of creation, music manifests itself at all levels of reality and we need to […]

Ten Archetypal Songs

According to tradition there are ten archetypal songs sung throughout history. These songs stand out among all the other countless songs in Jewish tradition in that each one was written in a state of Divine inspiration or prophesy and came at a climatic moment of transition, transformation or revelation for an individual or all the […]

The Paradox of Light

Having completed our initial survey of Jewish sources regarding the nature of light, and in particular its mystical and paradoxical nature, we turn to the world of science in order to ascertain whether the observations we have made correspond to what science reveals regarding light. To our amazement modern science in a profound manner confirms […]