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The New Moon of Nisan

The new moon of Nisan, is a very important day for many reasons. It was on this day that Israel received their first mitzvah as a people in preparation for leaving Egypt – the instructions regarding Nisan being the first of the months of the year, as well as the entire system of the Jewish […]

I Am To My Beloved and My Beloved Is To Me

It is customary to read during the three pilgrimage holidays – Pesach, Shavuot and Succot – three different books from the Writings that relate to the themes of those holidays. During Pesach we read the Song of Songs, on Shavuot the Book of Ruth and on Succot we read Ecclesiastes. The Song of Songs, an […]

The Fifteen Steps of the Hagadah

The Hagadah of Pesach and all the rituals and mitzvot of the night are ordered according to fifteen steps. These fifteen stages in which the Seder unfolds are also referred to as “signs.” Our Sages tell us that signs and symbols have great significance (Kritot 6a). For example, we begin the year on Rosh HaShanah […]

The Seventh Day of Pesach

On the seventh day of Pesach we celebrate the crossing of the Reed Sea. On this day the Jewish people left the borders of Egypt and watched as the pursuing army was drowned in the sea. According to one Midrash the sea did not split until Nachshon Ben Aminadov entered the sea determined to cross […]