Rosh Hashana

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Giving Birth to a New Year

On Rosh HaShanah in the year 1746, the Ba’al Shem Tov had an ascension of soul to the higher heavenly spheres where he found himself in the presence of the soul of the Messiah. In responding to his asking him “When will the master come,” the Messiah answered him with a verse from Proverbs (5:16): […]

The Significance of Rosh Hashana Also Being a New Moon

There are many levels of understanding the significance of Rosh Hashana also being Rosh Chodesh, a new moon. Every Rosh Chodesh inaugurates an entirely new energy and a new opportunity to begin again. The ability to renew and rejuvenate is one of the secrets of the Jewish calendar being based on the lunar cycle. The […]

The Significance of the Different Notes of the Shofar

There are three basic sounds of the shofar – tekiya, shevarim and teruah. In the Torah Rosh Hashana is actually called “Yom Teruah,” a day of sounding the shofar. The Sages in the Talmud all agreed that the teruah connotes crying, but disagreed whether it was like a melancholy moaning or a more uncontrolled staccato […]

Special Foods for Rosh Hashana

It seems almost every Jewish holiday has its special foods and Rosh Hashana is no exception. In fact, it actually has more special foods than any other holiday due to the custom of eating a series of foods at the first meal of Rosh Hashana and reciting various expressions of blessings desired for the new […]


In addition to the Thirteen Attributes of Compassion revealed in the Torah, the prophet Micah (7:18-20) also revealed a parallel set of Thirteen Attributes: “Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? He does not stay angry forever because He delights to show mercy. […]

The Shofar and Confusing the Satan

Throughout the month of Elul we blow a short series of shofar blasts in preparation for Rosh Hashanah. Yet we are taught that on the day before Rosh Hashanah we do not blow the shofar. The traditional reason given is to establish a separation between the blowing of the shofar in the month of Elul […]