Yom Kippur

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Yom Kippur and the Four Letter Name of God

As part of the religious decorations in many synagogues around the world there is found the following verse from Psalms ( 16:8 ): “I put God before me at all times.” In Kabbalah this verse is interpreted to mean that the essential four letter name of God appears in the form and process of every […]

Going to the Mikveh Before Yom Kippur

Although immersion in a mikveh, a ritual bath before Yom Kippur is not mentioned specifically in the Torah, it is an ancient custom instituted by the prophets and continued universally to this day. It is mentioned in the Shulchan Orech, the basic code of law for all Jews. It is customary for not only men […]

The Neilah Prayer on Yom Kippur

Neilah is the fifth and final prayer of Yom Kippur. On an ordinary day we pray three times – evening, morning and afternoon. On Shabbat, holidays, and Rosh Chodesh we have an additional fourth prayer, musaf. Only on Yom Kippur is there a fifth prayer. Neilah means “locking” and therefore indicates the close of the […]