Mysticism and Kabbalah

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The wisdom of the Kabbalah, the mystical tradition in Judaism, is thousands of years old, yet the contemporary world is drawn increasingly to its wisdom. The truths of the Kabbalah, like the teachings of the Torah, are eternal and relevant to every generation and every individual.

The Conjunction of Time and Place Create a Holy Moment

My wife and I once were in the holy city of Safed on the yartzeit (anniversary) of the great Kabbalist of Safed, Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, known as the RAMAK. He is the author of one of the most important Kabbalisitc texts – Pardes HaRimonim (The Pomegranate Orchard). This book was the very first attempt to take the entire Kabbalisitc tradition and […]

The Torah as a Process of Birth

The Torah, being a reflection of the infinite will and wisdom of God, likewise contains an infinite number of interpretations. There are many references in our tradition to different systems, levels and “faces” of interpretation, each one valid within its own frame of reference. One can thus perceive a certain theme and see it wind […]

The Secret of the Small Aleph

Rosh Chodesh Nisan, the new moon of Nisan, is called in the Midrash, “the day of the ten crowns,” for it was on this day that Moses raised the Tabernacle in the desert, and the service of the Cohanim, the priests, on behalf of all Israel was begun. It was this service which was continued […]

The Ladder of Prayer

It is written in the Zohar that the ladder in Jacob’s dream is a metaphor for prayer (Tikunei Zohar #43). This is not hard to understand, based on both the context of the dream and the symbols themselves. As noted above, Jacob prayed when “coming upon the place.” His prayer, recited at the beginning of […]

Symbolism and Torah

It is written in the Zohar (2:16): “God looked into the Torah and created the world.” The Torah is the blueprint from which all physical and spiritual worlds are constructed. It follows from what we stated above regarding the role of symbolism in language and all aspects of reality, that if the Torah is the […]

Book Preview: The Mystical Meaning of Dreams

From the Introduction They inspire us and frighten us, amuse us and bewilder us. They make a lasting impression, yet we are libel to forget them in a split second. They are at times mysterious and enigmatic, colorful and fantastic, yet at other times ridiculous, bothersome and illogical. They have changed the course of history, […]

Dreams, Reality and Torah

There is a profound inter-connectedness of dreams, reality and Torah. In the perception of time, in the manifestation of prophesy and in the cardinal role and purpose of symbolism, dreams, reality and Torah merge and converge continually. Especially in the realm of the soul and consciousness the lines are so often blurred as to be […]

Book Preview: Secrets of the Magen David

From the Introduction to Part One There is no doubt that the Magen David is the symbol most immediately associated today with Jews everywhere in the world and with the Jewish state, the State of Israel, in particular. Also known as the Star – or more literally, the Shield – of David, the Magen David […]