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The Story That Has Never Been Told

No one would ever know exactly when he first would come into town and no one knew just when he left. Sometimes he would drift in as if riding the evening breeze, shadows falling, leaves rustling, children skipping across the street. He would walk the streets watching everybody hurrying home, but he had no where […]

The Gardner

Once, a very long time ago, longer it seems than anyone can remember, there was a garden and a gardener who took care of it with great love. Everyone agreed that it was the most beautiful of gardens and people came from near and far to enjoy the magnificence within. Then one day without warning […]

Two Shofars – One Heart

When Moshe woke up on Rosh HaShanah morning he didn’t realize that he had slept so late. For a few minutes he laid in bed thinking about the night before. Who could forget the shining faces and the candles glowing, the table set with all his holiday favorites and the special songs. Moshe began to […]

The Secret

Once there was a boy who longed to have a secret, but the problem was that he didn’t have one, and everyone else it seemed did. Every once in a while he would see his parents speaking in very hushed tones, so he knew they had secrets. On his way to and from school he […]

The Sapling

Once there was a man and woman who were very much in love. After they had been married many years, the blessing of bringing children into the world still had not been given to them. Though their prayers reached to the gates of heaven itself, for reasons know only to God, their greatest hope was […]