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English Poetry

Circular Jerusalem Sunset

To put pictures into words is as hard as putting words into pictures. To see eternity in a wall, or a crooked alley; to feel legend as real as the gold color the city clothes itself at sunset. To use words to capture destiny. To sometimes see, but not hear, feel but not know; to […]

The Seven Gates

A gate has been given to every soul That it could come to know its name, And a lifetime of living and dying To uplift the eternal flame.   A city is standing on its foundations And water is running beneath, A prayer is hovering around her hills By the gates we shall someday meet. […]

A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

A Tribute to Leonard Cohen A prophet of doom, A regular visitor To the dark side of the moon. You dove into all the deep places Of the psyche, the unconscious realms of the soul, Where the heart longs For understanding, compassion and always torn Between not asking for too much and asking for so […]

From the Galilee to the Galaxy

A poem from the new book “Reflections at Sunset”

Creation Meditation

A poem from the new book “Reflections at Sunset”

Looking for that Prayer

A poem from the new book “Reflections at Sunset”

Hebrew Poetry