Ki Tavo

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The Importance of Joy

Ki Tavo begins with the commandment to bring the first fruits of one’s produce to the Holy Temple: “It will be when you enter the land that God, your God, gives you as an inheritance … that you shall take of the first of every fruit … and you shall put it in a basket […]

Dedicating Our First Fruits

In Chassidut the first fruits represent much more than just an annual agricultural offering. The first fruits symbolize the “first”: the initial thought, intention, or inspiration that comes to mind in a host of situations, not to mention, one’s initial gut-feeling or instinctive response to various circumstances. The more we have clarified and refined our […]

The Little That Contains Much

In Ki Tavo, the children of Israel are commanded to perform an inauguration ritual after they enter the Promised Land. In this ritual, the nation publicly commits itself to fulfilling the Torah’s commandments by reciting a list of curses and blessings on Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim. This ritual, mentioned in Re’eh, is more fully […]