Ki Tisa

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Recognizing the Individual’s Infinite Worth

Ki Tisa begins with the commandment to take a census of all the men of Israel twenty years of age and over. There are two unusual things about this census. Firstly, God does not actually use the verb “to count” in ordering the census, instead He uses the expression “when you lift up the heads […]

Shabbat an Eternal Covenant

“The children of Israel shall observe the Shabbat, to make the Shabbat an eternal covenant for their generations” (Exodus 31:16). Noting the declaration that Shabbat observance will transform the Shabbat into “an eternal covenant for their generations,” the Chidushei HaRim, the first rebbe of the Ger Chassidic dynasty, makes two brief but profound observations. Firstly, […]

The Golden Calf and Purim

Ki Tisa recounts one of the most catastrophic sins in Jewish history, the sin of the Golden Calf, which took place forty days after the Giving of the Torah. The enormity of this sin is best understood from its context. According to tradition, the Giving of the Torah was supposed to inaugurate a new era […]