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The Light of Shabbat

The term ner tamid (everlasting lamp) used to describe the daily mitzvah to light the menorah’s seven lamps equals 704, the same as the numerical value of the word beShabbat (in or on Shabbat). The numerical value of the word “Shabbat” by itself is 702, which is the exact inverse of the numerical value of […]

The Annointed One

The olive oil used in the menorah in the Tabernacle is described as “pure olive oil, beaten to give light” (Exodus 27:20). Olive oil was not only used in the menorah but also in consecrating the vessels of the Tabernacle. Olive oil was also used to sanctify the cohanim as they were initiated into service […]

The Secret of Enclothment

Following Tetzaveh’s opening commandment regarding the menorah’s lighting, the Torah continues with a detailed description of the unique garments worn by the ordinary cohanim and the additional special garments worn only by the high priest. These sanctified garments, the Torah informs us, were made for “glory and splendor” (Exodus 28:2). The cohanim, who served simultaneously […]