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Observance and Outlook

Choice and Consciousness: Choosing a Soul Mate

Soul Mates: Choosing a person with whom to spend the rest of one’s life is obviously one of the most important choices a person will ever make. Learn how to make choices both big and small in an orderly, rational manner that also takes the voice of the heart into consideration.

The Paradoxes, Limitations, Challenges and Opportunities of Free Will

An in-depth exploration of the paradoxes and challenges of free will, and its enormous potential to create positive change and the fulfillment of one’s mission in life.

Jewish Education Today

Seven stipulations for educators, as explained by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, that when incorporated have the ability to greatly improve Jewish education in any setting.

Jewish Education in Light of Chassidic Teachings

The Baal Shem Tov did not leave us a written manual of educational principles, yet his actions and teachings yield both practical and profound guidelines for sound educational practices.

Kabbalah and Chassidut

Prophecy Series

The prophets and the prophetic experience are a cardinal part of Jewish history and tradition. This series of classes explores the fascinating who, what, how and when of prophecy as it relates to the past, present and future.

The Mystical Nature of Light

42 minutes 46 seconds

In the Beginning Series

Exploring the first verse of the Torah and the profound wisdom and awesome secrets regarding the creation of the world contained within its seven words and twenty-eight letters.

Anatomy of the Soul Series

A study of the definition and inner composition of the soul – its transcendent and imminent powers, its garments of thought, speech and action as well as its correlation to the intellect and emotions of man.

A Kabbalistic Model of Creation

A study of the ten Sefirot, the Divine Emanations of creation, as they manifest on three fundamental levels of reality.
1 hour, 20 minutes

Thirteen Loves

Learning about love and relationships through the thirteen inner dimensions of the ten Sefirot.
39 Minutes 33 seconds

Shabbat, Holidays and the Months

Shabbat and the Environment

Intrinsic to the laws and the spirit of Shabbat are numerous practical and spiritual principles that relate to ecology and the environment.


The true appreciation of Shabbat is only truly experienced when both the letter and spirit of the law come together in perfect unity

The Sabbatical Year

The spiritual teachings of the seventh year and the cycles of seven from the micro to the macro cycles of time.


Pesach (as well as all the holidays) can be understood on many levels simultaneously: historically, agriculturally/seasonally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Coming Out of Egypt

We are commanded to remember coming out of Egypt everyday. This not only keeps alive the historical memory but it acts as a potent ingredient in attaining renewal, strength, purpose and hope for our daily lives.

Pesach Sheni

Spiritual teachings of this less known and observed holiday.

Sefirat Ha’Omer & Lag B’Omer

Focusing on Pesach, Rosh Chodesh, and specific intentions for counting of the Omer; with musical accompaniment.


The culmination of the Omer period is the holiday of Shavuot where we relive each year the receiving of the Torah at Sinai.

Tamuz & Av

Living with the times Living With The Times  

Secrets of the Cycle of Exile and Redemption

Secrets of the Cycle of Exile and Redemption  


The entire month of Elul is dedicated to prepare for the Days of Awe and the Days of Joy in the month of Tishrei. This 4-part series delves in to the process of teshuva in a very personal and relevant manner through understanding teshuva in a Torah context as well as through meditation, stories, physiological insights […]

High Holy Days Series

The month of Elul is dedicated to preparing for Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Succot. Delving into a number of allusions in various texts to the name of the month yields profound insight into how to get ready for the many upcoming holidays

The High Holy Days and Succot

Appreciating how Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Succot, Hoshanah Rabba and Simchat Torah are all intrinsically connected one to the other.

The Month of Kislev and Chanukah

The Month of Kislev and Chanukah The Month of Kislev and Chanukah 102 minutes


Chanukah and Light Chanukah and Light 57 minutes 

The month of Tevet

The month of Tevet The month of Tevet

The fast of the 10th of Tevet

The fast of the 10th of Tevet The fast of the 10th of Tevet


Preparation for Purim :  

Music and Meditation

The Mystical Power of Music

Music and song exist at every level of creation. Recognizing and appreciating this helps identify one’s own inner song.

Perek Shira: The Song of Creation

Understanding how each and every creation – from the inanimate to man – have a unique song and how this is seen in the world around us. * Taught by Rachel Trugman.

Music and Meditation

Through music the secrets of Jewish Meditation are revealed in a personal and relevant manner.

Living In Divine Space Series

An overview of the history and art of Jewish meditation and the connection it has to the month of Elul. Through Jewish meditation we learn to create a spiritual force field around ourselves and a safe haven in which to draw closer to God and our most inner being.

History and Israel

The Jewish Leadership Gene

Learning about leadership and acts of kindness from our ancestors and from the Jewish oral tradition.

Where We Stand in History Today

A spiritual and mystical understanding of the technological changes in the world and their implication for humanity.A spiritual and mystical understanding of the technological changes in the world and their implication for humanity.

Spiritual and Mystical Basis of Tikkun Olam

Understanding the historical and spiritual foundations of the Torah imperative to rectify the world.

Five Dynamics of Leadership that Can Change the World

A Look Into the Dynamics of Jewish Leadership