Kabbalah and Chassidut

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Prophecy Series

The prophets and the prophetic experience are a cardinal part of Jewish history and tradition. This series of classes explores the fascinating who, what, how and when of prophecy as it relates to the past, present and future.

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

22 minutes

The Mystical Nature of Light

42 minutes 46 seconds

In the Beginning Series

Exploring the first verse of the Torah and the profound wisdom and awesome secrets regarding the creation of the world contained within its seven words and twenty-eight letters.

Anatomy of the Soul Series

A study of the definition and inner composition of the soul – its transcendent and imminent powers, its garments of thought, speech and action as well as its correlation to the intellect and emotions of man.

A Kabbalistic Model of Creation

A study of the ten Sefirot, the Divine Emanations of creation, as they manifest on three fundamental levels of reality.
1 hour, 20 minutes

Thirteen Loves

Learning about love and relationships through the thirteen inner dimensions of the ten Sefirot.
39 Minutes 33 seconds

Prophecy & Divine Inspiration – 2015