Shabbat, Holidays and the Months

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Shabbat and the Environment

Intrinsic to the laws and the spirit of Shabbat are numerous practical and spiritual principles that relate to ecology and the environment.


The true appreciation of Shabbat is only truly experienced when both the letter and spirit of the law come together in perfect unity

The Sabbatical Year

The spiritual teachings of the seventh year and the cycles of seven from the micro to the macro cycles of time.


Pesach (as well as all the holidays) can be understood on many levels simultaneously: historically, agriculturally/seasonally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Coming Out of Egypt

We are commanded to remember coming out of Egypt everyday. This not only keeps alive the historical memory but it acts as a potent ingredient in attaining renewal, strength, purpose and hope for our daily lives.

Pesach Sheni

Spiritual teachings of this less known and observed holiday.

Sefirat Ha’Omer & Lag B’Omer

Focusing on Pesach, Rosh Chodesh, and specific intentions for counting of the Omer; with musical accompaniment.


The culmination of the Omer period is the holiday of Shavuot where we relive each year the receiving of the Torah at Sinai.

Tamuz & Av

Living with the times Living With The Times  

Secrets of the Cycle of Exile and Redemption

Secrets of the Cycle of Exile and Redemption  


The entire month of Elul is dedicated to prepare for the Days of Awe and the Days of Joy in the month of Tishrei. This 4-part series delves in to the process of teshuva in a very personal and relevant manner through understanding teshuva in a Torah context as well as through meditation, stories, physiological insights […]

High Holy Days Series

The month of Elul is dedicated to preparing for Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Succot. Delving into a number of allusions in various texts to the name of the month yields profound insight into how to get ready for the many upcoming holidays

The High Holy Days and Succot

Appreciating how Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Succot, Hoshanah Rabba and Simchat Torah are all intrinsically connected one to the other.

The Month of Kislev and Chanukah

The Month of Kislev and Chanukah The Month of Kislev and Chanukah 102 minutes


Chanukah and Light Chanukah and Light 57 minutes 


Preparation for Purim :