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Purim- Drink til no evil

Rabbi Trugman explains what it means to drink on Purim.

Tu B’Shevat – Keepers of the Garden

Rabbi Trugman talks about the Jewish idea of environmentalism and conservation.

Chanukah: Turning Darkness Into Light

How to respond in the face of darkness and evil

Secrets of the Hebrew Letters

Torah Concepts

The Farmer’s Glove

A great new video from David Komer, a long time staff member who is the creator of Shivim Panim, a dynamic Torah media website, which is an integral partner with Ohr Chadash On the surface, this is a simple story based on a parable from the Maggid of Dubno about making room for change. However, […]

In the Hands of Heaven

A thought provoking and philosophically deep video about free will and determinism.

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