Rebbetzin Rachel Trugman

MS Family Therapy

During her more than twenty-five years of counselling and teaching experience, Rachel has a sensitively attuned ear to listen with heart and soul. Specializing in trauma release, she utlizies techniques that can help free her clients from the bonds of difficult life experiences. The wide angle lens through which she views the world is focused on acceptance and encouragement. Especially trained to work with the religious community, she has the skills and knowledge of Torah as a guiding light. for the special direction needed by a Jewish soul regardless of level of observance.

Sessions are conducted under strictest confidence and fees are based on a sliding scale. Rachel is looking forward to the exciting adventure of self-discovery and enhanced life energy that is generated in the therapeutic sessions. Please feel free to phone for an appointment to start your own personal journey or attend one of her workshops on various topics:

  • Anger – the Inner Teacher

Based on the Artscroll book by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Learn the great benefits of emotional self-control

  • Marriage – The Sacred Covenant

Learn skills to help your dreams come true

  • Parenting – The Most Precious Profession

Become a pro at raising your children

  • Infertility – You are not alone

A support group to share information and encouragement

If you are interested in beginning a workshop in your neighborhood, community or among your friends please be in touch!

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